Here are some average pricing guides for PDR work. Keep in mind this information and photos serve only as a general guide. Dents that are on a body line can be slightly higher. Dents must be seen by our tech to arrive at a final estimate.

Quarter size dents and smaller
Golf ball size
Baseball size
Softball size
Frisbee size and larger
1-2 dents per panel – $85
$150 – 175
$175 – $195
$275 and up

Plastic bumper repair $95

Bicycle fell off roof rack, tire hit fender  $150

Deep crease across a body line $165

Crease on Quarter panel $145

Trunk lid closed on box of toys,
making two “outie” dings $85

Golf ball size dent on door $95

Deep dents on fender  $275

One small dent and One ding on door $75